1. Duke City BMX Mural: time lapse of production

    17 Nov 2020
    Link to a time-lapse video, 2 minutes 40 seconds, of the production of “Radical.” Created by Niko Cifuentes, circus artist and tattooist, who assisted the production process. Thank you also to assistant Natalie Sept, visual artist and farmer.

  2. Volunteer “logs” for First Unitarian Church

    12 May 2020
    I am a Member at Albuquerque’s First Unitarian Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation of about 1100 folks. It’s been the site of lots of growth for me–in community, in faith, in philosophy, in attitudes towards justice and towards my own privilege and racism, and as an artist. One of the…

  3. Type Inspiration: US military stencil fonts in practice

    29 Apr 2020
    In November of 2019, I visited the Tucson area with family. We visited the Pima Air & Space Museum, an absolutely sprawling piece of desert with massive hangers full of incredible historical aircraft, and a much bigger open space filled with some truly weird formerly airborne behemoths What grabbed me…

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