1. Hand Lettering: Soup is Love signs

    16 Jun 2019
    Vicki Bolen and I met through the Tiaso Project (then the Tiaso Coop) in 2017.  This years’s Soup is Love event was on: May 5-7, 2019. Little Bird de Papel opened in 2012. Vicki bought and renovated the building that same year.

  2. Vintage Signs of Route 66

    16 Jun 2019
    I love type As a rabid D&D kid in 1979, I used the gift of a set of calligraphy nibs to play with medieval scripts with a Celtic feel. For some reason, the many frustrations of the work didn’t bug me enough to make me quit. The typefaces had enough…

  3. Mural: Little Bird de Papel

    16 Jun 2019
    Vicki Bolen  Little Bird de Papel is Vicki Bolen’s creative home. It’s a single-story flat-roofed building, much like many houses in Abq, in which Vicki has built a successful business as an artist. Vicki makes all kinds of paper goods, often with a crane or Little Bird theme, and sells…

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