Coming Soon: Open Space Visitor Center

I’m proud to announce a new show at Bernalillo County’s Open Space Visitor Center, to open January 2, 2016. I’m grateful to the committee at the Visitor Center for choosing my work, and to artist and Visitor Center arts programmer Noel Chilton for taking the time to include me in the process of developing events to coincide with the show.

The show will feature my work and the work of Albuquerque painter Bryce Hample. Both of us are planning to mount new work, as well as work from the recent past. I’ll be posting images of work in progress here, on Instagram and on Facebook. 

The Visitor Center’s gallery is a beautiful space. Lit by a natural light from a skylight, a bank of small square windows and a dramatic niched window, it is a large and relatively simple volume with a distinct and peaceful character. I’ve enjoyed a number of shows there over the years, adding memories of good art to my sense of respect for the space. The space makes use of the kind of visual rhythms that both Bryce and I explore in our work. 

The images here are from “Parch,” the Visitor Center’s current show. Thank you to the anonymous visitors for their participation in these photographs. Stop by and check it out!

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