What’s Next: Plans for 2016

The Traditions of Painting: Landscapes, Portraits and Still Lives

I’m working on evolving a series of landscapes I began in the spring of last year. To that end, I’ve committed to drawing every day, searching out the visual language of landscapes that are both esoteric and exoteric relationships. Check out my social media feeds to check in on my progress towards this aim. I’m grateful to Page Coleman for offering to show my work in tandem with that of veteran artist Gail Gering in April.

I’ve begun portraits of two Albuquerque actors with a view towards making a series. I’m looking for actors who would be interested in being active participants in a portrait process.

I’m drawn towards still lives at the moment; in the summer I plan to begin a series of Memento Mori paintings.

With those bodies of work I’ll be applying to group shows all around the world, and looking for more places to show here in Abq and in Santa Fe. It looks like I may have the opportunity to show at Tractor Nob Hill–thanks Marisa!

Continued Experimentation with Ways of Making, Income Streams and Community

I’m looking forward to experimenting with combining food, art, and conviviality at my home in a project I’m calling Albuquerque Paladar, after the Cuban art/food phenomenon. I’m looking for feedback on the idea as I head towards a minimum viable product of the idea for testing.

I developed an installation over the summer using 12” diameter paperclay discs. I hope to find a venue to show it.

I created a t shirt, a “Han Shot First” design featuring a gloomy Greedo, in celebration of the latest Star Wars movie. Through it I had the honor of connecting with The Octopus and the Fox, where it’s available for sale. It was great fun to do, from drawing through to working with the excellent shopkeepers to making actual sales. I’m cooking up ideas for shirts and other merch, such as images of Watership Down bunnies, for sale at that store and at regional craft fairs.

I’m working on ideas for teaching opportunities. I’ll be leading a workshop on my version of paperclay at the Open Space Visitor Center on Friday, 1/22/16; it’ll be a chance to see if I enjoy teaching. If the feedback is good, I’ll offer more.

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