Ambassador Comes Alive

Ambassador Pierrot Spotz joined the celebration of dawn here on Earth, shepherded by Sherri Brueggemann at the Balloon Fiesta Park this past Wednesday, March 15. He tells me that it was a serene and joyous occasion, and invites us all to join the Ambassadors this Saturday 3/18, 2-5 pm, at the Balloon Fiesta Park for a space-themed, cosplay-friendly, all-freaks-welcome, rock-out-with-your-nerd-out jamboree.

As the artist behind Mr. Spotz I’m just flabbergasted by Sherri’s vision. Among the many things she relayed when taking me into the project, she described the ways in which the Ambassadors would come together as a group. I heard the words, and imagined what they might look like, of course. But I had no idea of the power the final piece would have. 

Look at the diversity of the group! Color and texture and mood and height and… fake fur! Goofy and beautiful and deep, all standing together, visually conjoined by the shape of the group, and the repeating shape of their Powerball bodies! Powerball bodies. That’s what they were when Sherri accepted them. Powerballs with Mickey Mouse gloves and Keebler Elf boots. Now those resonances are completely gone, and the Ambassadors are instead cosmic child-spirits. Like us. Now my heart goes with them as they look out into the galaxy.

Photo by Tim March Photo. Thank you, Tim, for your beautiful work.

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