Conversation: Getting Into the Mindset of Making Money, with Kristine Maltrud

Watch the 40 minute video here:

Kristine Maltrud is the founder of Art Spark, an arts organization that provides support and training for artists developing a sustainable, professional creative practice. I’ve known Kristine for many years; when I was teaching yoga, we met for improvisational dance together at 500 2nd Street here in Abq, as she’s a lifetime dancer, and a long-time practitioner of Authentic Movement, a meditative movement form I learned about while dancing in NYC.

Our conversation touched on many aspects of professional creative practice–art as devotion, and artists as ascetics; art as a form of play, and the challenge of valuing of play and creativity in a culture focused on productivity and profit; the value of a day job, and many other topics.

The video includes some delicious weirdness–I’m in the process of making a donkey head mask for a performance later this month, and couldn’t help modeling it for the video. 


Andrew and Kristine at Chez Fearnside Studios, getting ready to talk donkey about money

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