Ghostwolf Gallery: I’ve joined the rebels!

My corner of Ghostwolf Gallery, starring paintings and prints.


My work is now available at Ghostwolf Gallery! Come down and see us some time! I’ll be the gallery attendant on Monday, February 11, 2019 from 11am-6pm if you’d like to visit when I’m certain to be there.

Set deep in an old adobe building deep in Old Town, Ghostwolf is a quasi-cooperative gallery run by artist, curator and scholar Amy Ditto, PhD. Ghostwolf combines the best of the cooperative artists’ gallery model with the careful curation of the gallery system to provide Burquenos and visitors alike with vibrant and visionary takes on regional art. I’m joining Roe Libretto and Denise Weaver Ross, artists I’ve known and admired for a while, and artists I love, like Laura Wacha, whom I’ve never met. 

Joining Ghostwolf has been a big step for me emotionally and creatively. Amy Ditto offered me the opportunity to participate early in 2018, and it took months of reflections on the river of my creative process to realize that I actually could make that commitment, and then to find that I wanted to. In effect, I had to accept a few things to get through that. For one, I came to understand that New Mexico is my home, and that I’m an ex-pat no longer. Another thing: it means I’m committing to making more cacti and cholla, as well as other recognizably New Mexican and Western regional symbols. This is great news, because I love those things unabashedly. Another thing is that though the interests of Ghostwolf’s artists include social justice, ecological and spiritual concerns, the gallery is purposefully commercial. That breaks the rules of my early art training in a way that’s taken years of inner work to accept. For now, I have the space to straddle the dividing line between the grant-funded world of nonprofits and the commercial world of illustration, tourists and interiors, doing projects in many contexts. This makes me grin.

Come and see what we’re all up to at Ghostwolf!

Ghostwolf Gallery

Open 11-6 daily

2043 Sth Plaza St NW, Albuquerque NM 87104

(505) 246-WOLF (9653)

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