Halloween Update: Experimentation

The Mad Unicorns descended upon the Embodiment Center on Saturday, 9/23, and like a flock of ravens, turned the Chaos up to 11. It was glorious!

Together we figured out how to realize my Low-Poly dreams of a patch of giant Morel Mushrooms, surrounded by smaller, semi-psychedelic ones. Kathryn proved that black light really does work on PVC segments painted with fluorescent spray paint. Kristin made fungus caps that really worked out of cardboard and packing plastic. And Mindy & Rachel started to develop the movement language they’ll inhabit while playing the denizens of the Center of the Earth.

Months of daydreaming, doodling, and obsessing over a Low-Poly T Rex have begun to bear fruit in real life. I am so thankful to the Unicorns for their willingness to mess with weird stuff and weird ideas. The Trick or Treaters in Summit Park this year are going to freak out.

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