In process: new grounds, 3 layers later

Using thin glazes and thick paint-mud, the ground-building process has continued. Knowing that I’m simply building a ground for later drawings and projections, I felt free to make pictures as they came to me. Some of them have strengths of their own, and may be close to done. And some of them have yet to find their lives. I think there will be many more layers on these twenty panels before the ground is complete, the soil built, but I’m not certain. 

I’ve scheduled a show at the Erna Ferguson Library here in Albuquerque, set to open on Tuesday, November 1. That space doesn’t require completed work to book a show, allowing me to use it as an experimental space–a place to mount work that will benefit from feedback, work that is for sale but may evolve yet further after it’s taken down. I imagine that these panels will be a foundation for that show.

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