Mural: Little Bird de Papel

Vicki Bolen 

Little Bird de Papel is Vicki Bolen’s creative home. It’s a single-story flat-roofed building, much like many houses in Abq, in which Vicki has built a successful business as an artist. Vicki makes all kinds of paper goods, often with a crane or Little Bird theme, and sells her work at art and craft fairs around the country. She and her husband Richard are on the road for much of the summer, having adventures, seeing theater and poetry performance, and meeting customers new and old. I’ve learned a ton from her over the two years we’ve known each other, and I respect what she’s achieved as an artist. I’m honored to be working with her to realize a mural for her business and her life as a creative.

Vicki has put some blood, sweat and tears into her business’ exterior already. She has a beautiful palette in place: sky blue, deep sea-green blue, white, magenta and brown. One of her goals is a desire for more visibility. More punch, more visual music, so that drivers cruising Mountain Road will happily include her business in their understanding of the area. My job will be to elaborate on her existing palette and imagery, not to invent something from whole cloth.

We’re already organizing an IndieGoGo campaign, with the help of marketing genius and writer Sonja Dewing. We’ll continue to invite Audubon and birding fans into our process as it unfolds.

Speaking of which: do you love birds? What local avian friends would you include in a mural featuring a fantasy about them–a massive mixed flock of local birds all traveling the same way, at the same time of year? 

If you’d like to help us make this mural a reality, please email me

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