1. Johnny Blue

    28 May 2017
    I learned about “Local Coloring,” a new project by Axle Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, and leapt at the chance for adventure. Axle sent me a short story by a local author: “Johnny Blue,” by Nasario García. The story is written like a folk tale, and it feels mythic, archetypal…

  2. New to me: painter Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

    17 May 2017
    I learned of this artist through the Pinterest rabbit hole, and found my way to this article on HuffPost, which gives a great overview of the artist, her work and her history. I am struck by her ability to set technical questions behind her commitment to visual and literary stories…

  3. Mariachi!

    21 Apr 2017
    I am honored to be involved in a t shirt design project for the 27th Annual Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque. It was a wild ride, but we’ve got an agreement on a design, and I’m happy with it. Firstly, I had the great joy of learning about Mariachi culture. I…

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