1. Life Is Eternal

    05 Jun 2017
    All’s well that ends well. So say I, anyway. Setting aside the fact that I forgot to reverse the text, from the very start of the project, I’m happy with the product. I found a gravestone on Pinterest with an ivy-and-log theme, and thought the thinly-veiled Pagan feeling of evergreen…

  2. Muhammad Ali

    02 Jun 2017
    These images are a record of my first few hours of attempting to understand Ali’s face. It’s subtle, and I’m not there yet.  Studying his face, I’m learning more about the incredible soul power (thank you James Brown) he manifested every time he stepped into the arena of public opinion.…

  3. Johnny Blue

    28 May 2017
    I learned about “Local Coloring,” a new project by Axle Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, and leapt at the chance for adventure. Axle sent me a short story by a local author: “Johnny Blue,” by Nasario García. The story is written like a folk tale, and it feels mythic, archetypal…

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