1. Community Art: The Fool Complete

    02 Apr 2017
    The Fool service went great! Arne and I arrived in time to set up the Juggling Fool we built, and found ourselves immediately gratified by the smiles on the ushers’ faces. The animatronic element worked perfectly (phew!), and in fact has now worked for far longer than at any time…

  2. A Letter To Tom Udall: Ideas for Growing the Vitality of NM Arts

    28 Mar 2017
    Hello all! I’ve just learned about NM Senator Tom Udall’s work on a bill to benefit NM arts–the Comprehensive Resources for Entrepreneurs in the Arts to Transform the Economy Act, aka the CREATE Act. Information about the bill is available on Mr. Udall’s blog, here.  I had a good time…

  3. Yak Map: The Fool Round Two

    16 Mar 2017
    Yak Map: Fool, sharpie on copy paper, March 14 2017 The Worship Arts Committee met this past Tuesday, and over a delicious potluck shared our explorations of the Fool as an archetype and a cultural phenomenon. The Yak Map here captures brief illustrations of many of the ideas discussed–for example,…

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