1. Mariachi!

    21 Apr 2017
    I am honored to be involved in a t shirt design project for the 27th Annual Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque. It was a wild ride, but we’ve got an agreement on a design, and I’m happy with it. Firstly, I had the great joy of learning about Mariachi culture. I…

  2. Dead Celebrities of 2016: First successful linocut

    19 Apr 2017
    Last week I completed a linocut block of Merle Haggard, and pulled some terrible prints from it (see previous post). Panic began to creep into my heart as I realized I had no idea what to do! Thankfully printmaker Julianna Kirwin is a kind and generous soul. We had a…

  3. Dead Celebrities of 2016: First Linocut Attempt

    11 Apr 2017
    Dead Celebrities of 2016, a collaboration with Lee Fearnside, just got more real. Facebook page!  Prince. Carrie Fisher. Leonard Cohen. David Bowie. Not to mention Glen Frey, Boutros Boutros Ghali, and dozens more. The Reaper was on turbo all year long. Both Lee and I got interested in the way…

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