1. O Fortuna

    04 Jan 2017
    As it happened, Fortune smiled upon me this week, and I snapped out of my puzzlebox madness I remembered a lesson I learned through the remodel of a house I undertook back in 2005-2006: I can’t do everything. Professionals do most things better than me. In this case, specifically, construction…

  2. Storage: The Devil’s Puzzlebox

    31 Dec 2016
    Saturday, New Year’s Eve 2016… It’s becoming a tradition: during the holidays I blow up my studio. Makes sense; production slows down, tidying speeds up, and as things get cleared away I get a good long look at the bones of my studio. And then I start ruminating on ways…

  3. Side Project: Krampus and the Ass Hat

    18 Dec 2016
    I’ve always loved puppets. Seeing a giant puppet performance of Moby Dick as a special assembly in elementary school was a formative experience, prompting me to do my own shows at 10 or so using prefab puppets. I did an Anansi story, and after a bit did them for my…

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