1. Yak Map: The Fool

    14 Mar 2017
    Topic: The FoolEvent: April Fool service at First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, Sunday April 2 2017Date: Friday 03/09/17Participants: Andrew Fearnside, Kathryn Fearnside, Arne Gulerud, Kristine Satterlee, all members of First Unitarian of Albuquerque’s Worship Arts Committee. Our conversation fleshed out a shared framework for the world of…

  2. The Ambassador

    10 Mar 2017
    This coming Saturday, I’ll join more than 60 Abq artists in displaying “Ambassadors to the Galaxies”–art made upon fiberglass “ball-men,” sculptures that once were Powerballs adorning gas station entrances around New Mexico. Huge thanks to Abq Public Art Director Sherri Brueggemann for including me in the project.  Ambassador Pierrot Spotz…

  3. O Fortuna

    04 Jan 2017
    As it happened, Fortune smiled upon me this week, and I snapped out of my puzzlebox madness I remembered a lesson I learned through the remodel of a house I undertook back in 2005-2006: I can’t do everything. Professionals do most things better than me. In this case, specifically, construction…

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