1. Shifting Ground

    27 Oct 2016
    The Patriarch. Completed October 2016 in acrylic on panel, 16”x16”. I bought 20 16x16x2 panels from Albuquerque craftsman Bruce Loyd earlier this year. At the time, I hoped the move would help me expand the dimensions of my painting practice, firstly by giving me a bigger pool of panels to…

  2. In process: panels with projections

    17 Aug 2016
    Experimenting with my new PicoPro digital projector, I found thrills in the iridescence of the projected light on the tiny glass beads that make up the Golden medium I used in some of the panels. The images are chaotic, a kind of dreamland hinted at by the presence of floating…

  3. In process: new grounds, 3 layers later

    17 Aug 2016
    Using thin glazes and thick paint-mud, the ground-building process has continued. Knowing that I’m simply building a ground for later drawings and projections, I felt free to make pictures as they came to me. Some of them have strengths of their own, and may be close to done. And some…

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