1. Complete: Joey & Bowie, a Zine

    12 Jun 2016
    Now available: Joey & Bowie: A Dead Rock Hair Coloring Book. A 12-page Zine featuring drawings by Andrew Fearnside. $10. Email for your copy today Et In Arcadia Ego: in Latin, “Also in Arcadia.” But also, “And in Arcadia, I was.” Arcadia: a mythical period of whose residents…

  2. Progress: Dead Rock Hair, a Zine

    27 May 2016
    Back in January I resolved to draw every day. Alan Rickman died around that time, as had Lemmy Kilmister. I drew Alan Rickman, fulfilling my productivity promise. David Bowie died not too long afterwards, and during a cancellation at work I drew him. I liked both drawings well enough to…

  3. Experiments in “portraiture”

    02 May 2016
    In both of the images here, I was delighted to find vocabulary emerging from my obsessive copying of medieval woodcut images and cards from the Marseilles tarot deck. I enjoy the folk-art feeling of the odd proportions of these drawings, their flattened depths and the heroic California they seem to…

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