1. In process: panels with projections

    17 Aug 2016
    Experimenting with my new PicoPro digital projector, I found thrills in the iridescence of the projected light on the tiny glass beads that make up the Golden medium I used in some of the panels. The images are chaotic, a kind of dreamland hinted at by the presence of floating…

  2. In process: new grounds, 3 layers later

    17 Aug 2016
    Using thin glazes and thick paint-mud, the ground-building process has continued. Knowing that I’m simply building a ground for later drawings and projections, I felt free to make pictures as they came to me. Some of them have strengths of their own, and may be close to done. And some…

  3. Crows

    13 Jul 2016
    In the course of applying gesso to my group of 16x16 panels earlier in the morning, I stumbled onto a connection with an image in my head: a blob-like flying crow. I made 25 drawings in sumi ink and black acrylic over the course of an hour. After a break…

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