1. In process: new grounds

    10 Jul 2016
    After two weeks of chaos and destruction, I’ve wrung more space out of my studio. The plaster dust and nails are swept up, and I’m at last able to move forward on the 20 16” x 16” panels I’d prepped a ways back.  In the images here, I’ve manipulated Fiber…

  2. In process: portrait of Mindy Grossberg

    15 Jun 2016
    I am deeply moved by portraiture as a genre across media and across the centuries. I am focused on it, day after day, and I’m approaching it through a handful of threads joining my explorations into the labyrinth. One thread of them is about a desire to make a portrait…

  3. Complete: Joey & Bowie, a Zine

    12 Jun 2016
    Now available: Joey & Bowie: A Dead Rock Hair Coloring Book. A 12-page Zine featuring drawings by Andrew Fearnside. $10. Email for your copy today Et In Arcadia Ego: in Latin, “Also in Arcadia.” But also, “And in Arcadia, I was.” Arcadia: a mythical period of whose residents…

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