1. Experiments in “portraiture”

    02 May 2016
    In both of the images here, I was delighted to find vocabulary emerging from my obsessive copying of medieval woodcut images and cards from the Marseilles tarot deck. I enjoy the folk-art feeling of the odd proportions of these drawings, their flattened depths and the heroic California they seem to…

  2. Request for Collaborators: Portraits

    19 Apr 2016
    Standing on a smoking battlefield at dusk, a man in a dark suit holds clean calfskin gloves and an iPhone 6s. He looks troubled, and a little hunched against the wind. He looks to be 50, Anglo, maybe Swedish. A man in a rumpled clown suit sits in a heavy

  3. Review of The Desert, The Fires and the Floods

    18 Apr 2016
    Review of “The Desert, The Fires and the Floods” in yesterday’s Journal! Heartfelt thanks to writer Wesley Pulkka for his thoughtful review.…/entertainment/on-common.html

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