1. In Progress: Landscapes

    26 Jan 2016
    I’m working loosely and quickly on the textured ground and underpainting of a collection of (mostly) square panels. My aim is to engage the space and budding narrative of each one in turn, exchanging areas of low energy with new life, clarifying where I can and culling what I must.…

  2. Glen Frey, 1976

    25 Jan 2016
    The Eagles Live was one of the first LPs I bought–right after J. Geils Band, and along with Kraftwerk, Who’s Next and more, as a part of my first Columbia Record House bonanza. Hotel California remains one of the defining albums of the decade of my birth; and Glen Frey…

  3. What’s Next: Plans for 2016

    08 Jan 2016
    The Traditions of Painting: Landscapes, Portraits and Still Lives I’m working on evolving a series of landscapes I began in the spring of last year. To that end, I’ve committed to drawing every day, searching out the visual language of landscapes that are both esoteric and exoteric relationships. Check out…

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