1. Progress: the hill, the mesa and the defile

    12 Feb 2016
    I continue to refer to the drawing-seeds that began this body of work, the tiny thumbnails I sketched a year ago by scratching out mental health forms with a ball-point pen. (I’ve published these seeds elsewhere on this blog.) These seeds are my guide in this work. They give both…

  2. In Progress: Landscapes

    26 Jan 2016
    I’m working loosely and quickly on the textured ground and underpainting of a collection of (mostly) square panels. My aim is to engage the space and budding narrative of each one in turn, exchanging areas of low energy with new life, clarifying where I can and culling what I must.…

  3. Glen Frey, 1976

    25 Jan 2016
    The Eagles Live was one of the first LPs I bought–right after J. Geils Band, and along with Kraftwerk, Who’s Next and more, as a part of my first Columbia Record House bonanza. Hotel California remains one of the defining albums of the decade of my birth; and Glen Frey…

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