1. Community Can, or Tiny Shiny

    28 Oct 2015
    I’d like to make a wall piece out of materials from our communal lives—from the tin cans and soda cans we already recycle. It will be a textile of sharp tin; a rug made of glittering knives; a dazzling field of lures in which things we have cast away for…

  2. Open Space Visitor Center: Disc Grid in progress

    25 Oct 2015
    I’m planning a large wall installation for this show, the biggest I’ve tried. It will be made of many (50? 70? 100?) paperclay discs, arranged in a grid on one wall of the Visitor Center. The discs are made of paperclay; the incomparable Maria Young has made 24 12” diameter…

  3. Upcoming Show: Doors For The Arts

    22 Oct 2015
    I’m thrilled to announce my participation in Julianna Kirwin’s new venture, “Doors For The Arts.” On Saturday, 11/21/15, Julianna will create a pop-up gallery at 8th and Mountain Road here in Albuquerque, as she’s done once before. I will be one of a handful of artists to hang work on…

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