1. Interview: Julianna Kirwin and the Doors For The Arts

    01 Nov 2015
    Julianna Kirwin has worked in the arts all her life. As a child, she loved drawing. She worked as an art teacher for twelve years, inspiring the youth of Bernalillo Public Schools to follow their hearts, grow their own inner worlds, and even make art, as she did. Printmaking, and

  2. Community Can, or Tiny Shiny

    28 Oct 2015
    I’d like to make a wall piece out of materials from our communal lives—from the tin cans and soda cans we already recycle. It will be a textile of sharp tin; a rug made of glittering knives; a dazzling field of lures in which things we have cast away for…

  3. Open Space Visitor Center: Disc Grid in progress

    25 Oct 2015
    I’m planning a large wall installation for this show, the biggest I’ve tried. It will be made of many (50? 70? 100?) paperclay discs, arranged in a grid on one wall of the Visitor Center. The discs are made of paperclay; the incomparable Maria Young has made 24 12” diameter…

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