1. Materiality

    05 Oct 2015
    Materiality Do you have a fascination with eggs? With straw? With pencils? With masking tape? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had an enormous amount of that stuff you just can’t keep your hands off of? What materials are you drawn to? And what are those materials…

  2. A statement about Wall Fungus, 10/2015

    05 Oct 2015
    I appreciate art that is welcoming, art that is convivial–art that starts a conversation, rather than finishing it. If I am able, it’s my goal to make work that doesn’t intrude or provoke, but instead invites and introduces I believe that these mushroom-forms are connected to our global dialogue about…

  3. Artist’s Statement: Simplicity and Replication

    02 Oct 2015
    Simplicity and Replication This piece, the Wall Fungus,  is about energy, space, and relationship. It directs our attention to the spaces between things, and encourages us to hold these spaces as palpably alive and energetic. The Wall Fungus is a process, not a piece. It’s an improvisational score, a kind…

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