1. Open Space Visitor Center: Disc Grid in progress

    25 Oct 2015
    I’m planning a large wall installation for this show, the biggest I’ve tried. It will be made of many (50? 70? 100?) paperclay discs, arranged in a grid on one wall of the Visitor Center. The discs are made of paperclay; the incomparable Maria Young has made 24 12” diameter…

  2. Upcoming Show: Doors For The Arts

    22 Oct 2015
    I’m thrilled to announce my participation in Julianna Kirwin’s new venture, “Doors For The Arts.” On Saturday, 11/21/15, Julianna will create a pop-up gallery at 8th and Mountain Road here in Albuquerque, as she’s done once before. I will be one of a handful of artists to hang work on…

  3. Coming Soon: Open Space Visitor Center

    22 Oct 2015
    I’m proud to announce a new show at Bernalillo County’s Open Space Visitor Center, to open January 2, 2016. I’m grateful to the committee at the Visitor Center for choosing my work, and to artist and Visitor Center arts programmer Noel Chilton for taking the time to include me in…

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