1. Trust, 2015

    01 Oct 2015
    This painting began two years ago. I received some plywood from my elderly neighbor–he’d had it in his garage for over fifty years. It had an exceedingly subtle scent that connected me to my grandfather’s shop, and to the obsessive scrap collection I’d grown up with in my father’s dark…

  2. Making Photographs

    28 Sep 2015
    Aaron Diskin, now a photographer and musician, and I went to high school together. At the time, our school had a photography program, including a darkroom, led by Jack Zichitella. Mr. Z provided us with the mentorship, information and resources to develop the idea that we were artists. All of…

  3. New Statement: FLOW

    15 Sep 2015
    My creative practice this year has often returned to the theme of flow. Flow is also, of course, a way to describe the movement of quantities–swarms of insects, rivers of water, murmurations of starlings, or light. Flow is a psychological concept, a mid-point between challenge and feasibility written about in…

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