1. New Statement: FLOW

    15 Sep 2015
    My creative practice this year has often returned to the theme of flow. Flow is also, of course, a way to describe the movement of quantities–swarms of insects, rivers of water, murmurations of starlings, or light. Flow is a psychological concept, a mid-point between challenge and feasibility written about in…

  2. Process: Shifting the Shells

    03 Sep 2015
    The Shell/Shield show is up, and opens tomorrow. My inner landscape is shifting towards the next project: the as-yet untitled show at Zendo Coffee (thank you, Pilar!). I have three larger projects planned for this show: the Wall Fungus, Coleoptera, and the Kalachakra.  The Wall Fungus piece I developed last…

  3. Link to 2 years of blog posts

    02 Sep 2015
    This site is an experiment, a chance to streamline the production process of a my social media and marketing output. My previous site, including 2 years of writing and scores of photographs of work in progress, is available at: Andrew Fearnside Art–Creative Practice Blog

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