1. Mural: Little Bird de Papel

    16 Jun 2019
    Vicki Bolen  Little Bird de Papel is Vicki Bolen’s creative home. It’s a single-story flat-roofed building, much like many houses in Abq, in which Vicki has built a successful business as an artist. Vicki makes all kinds of paper goods, often with a crane or Little Bird theme, and sells…

  2. Liturgical Art in the UU Context

    11 Jun 2019
    Liturgical Art in the UU Context Tuesday June 11, 2019, 7-8pm Memorial Hall, First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque My intent with this event is to host an exploration of the questions liturgical art brings up for us as members of a growing UU church in Albuquerque. I’m just beginning my…

  3. Towers & Banners 1.0: A Proposal

    27 May 2019
    Towers & Banners  Towers The Ivory Tower. The Tower of the Tarot. The Tower of Babel. The Panopticon. Woven deeply into Western culture, Towers have been symbols of both power AND the folly of power. By shrinking the Tower from architectural to humanoid scale, I’m offering people the chance to…

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