1. Towers & Banners 1.0: A Proposal

    27 May 2019
    Towers & Banners  Towers The Ivory Tower. The Tower of the Tarot. The Tower of Babel. The Panopticon. Woven deeply into Western culture, Towers have been symbols of both power AND the folly of power. By shrinking the Tower from architectural to humanoid scale, I’m offering people the chance to…

  2. Forever Now: artist’s statement

    21 Jan 2019
    Coming soon– FOREVER NOW: New Portraits by Andrew Fearnside Friday March 15, 5-9pm, at OT CIRCUS: 709 Central Ave  NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 On March 15, 2019, I’ll be showing six new paintings and related works at OT Circus in downtown Albuquerque.  Portraits are Forever Now.  Like many artists,…

  3. In Process: Electric Desert 2.0

    22 Aug 2018
    Coming soon: The Electric Desert 2.0, at Harwood’s Open Studios, Friday 9/7 6-8pm at the Harwood Art Center, 7th & Mountain in Albuquerque. The Desert will pop up again The first iteration of “The Electric Desert” happened a couple of weeks ago as a pop-up installation within Tortuga Gallery’s group…

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