1. Indie Publishing Resources

    21 Apr 2018
    CREATIVE PRACTICE & THE CREATIVE LIFEBig Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert, 2015 The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It For Life, Twyla Tharp, 2003 ABQ MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Dovya Friedman Kristelle Siarza BUSINESS: Inspiration, Guidance, Services Incubators and Accelerators CNM’s Ignite Community Accelerator: a 10-week full-time immersion…

  2. New Project: Wild Magic videogame

    29 Mar 2018
    I’ve embarked on another project: the creation of a video game with fellow Unicorns Arne Gulerud, Kristin Satterlee, and Kathryn Fearnside. We’ve come together around the shared dream-space of Wild Magic–a fantasy world where Magic is not so much a technology as a world-view, a spiritual practice. Below is a…

  3. Brazilyurvedic Black Beans

    22 Mar 2018
    I’m entertaining happy thoughts of a zine about beans: “The Art of Bean.” Or something. I’d like to collect 25-75 bean recipes from around the country, because beans are so personal, so intimate, so associated with family and home and simplicity, and because they are an Everyman food, a food…

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