1. Brazilyurvedic Black Beans

    22 Mar 2018
    I’m entertaining happy thoughts of a zine about beans: “The Art of Bean.” Or something. I’d like to collect 25-75 bean recipes from around the country, because beans are so personal, so intimate, so associated with family and home and simplicity, and because they are an Everyman food, a food…

  2. Lamentation: installation plans

    14 Mar 2018
    Hello art lovers! Our Kickstarter* launches a week from tomorrow. Thank you all for supporting the Thunderclap, if that felt right to you. We are planning a big ole Launch Party and Exhibition, to which all art lovers are invited, at the Embodiment Center, on Friday 3/23/18, 5-9pm. We’ll be…

  3. Illustration Process: Yak Map

    26 Feb 2018
    Last October, Albuqerque poet Hakim Bellamy went to DC to lead a workshop within a larger social justice project, From Brown v. Board to Ferguson. Led by The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, the project was launched in October 2015, and is serving all of us through a…

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