1. Illustration Process: Yak Map

    26 Feb 2018
    Last October, Albuqerque poet Hakim Bellamy went to DC to lead a workshop within a larger social justice project, From Brown v. Board to Ferguson. Led by The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, the project was launched in October 2015, and is serving all of us through a…

  2. Standing beneath a cloud

    01 Feb 2018
    NOTE: I wrote this in the context of a conversation with Abq artist and visionary Michael Young. “Last night I had another bout of depression+Climate Change thinking. So your message about Tess Houle’s reaction feels like a Universe connection, a clarion call. As in, perhaps this is the work! The…

  3. A Mad Unicorn Halloween

    30 Jan 2018
    Of all the spectacles we’ve offered our neighborhood, this Halloween was the biggest– and the weirdest. This year we gave away approximately 40 pounds of candy to over 500 kids. That was the most candy we’ve had in the house ever, and the most visitors to the house ever. So…

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