1. Back to Painting: Prickly Pears Process

    28 Sep 2017
    I ended a period of painting in the fall and winter of 2016/2017 with a number of unfinished panels. In this series, I began with these moribund half-images as the ground of new work. The one beneath Pears I began its new life as an obliterated ground–an series of attempts…

  2. Halloween Update: Experimentation

    28 Sep 2017
    The Mad Unicorns descended upon the Embodiment Center on Saturday, 9/23, and like a flock of ravens, turned the Chaos up to 11. It was glorious! Together we figured out how to realize my Low-Poly dreams of a patch of giant Morel Mushrooms, surrounded by smaller, semi-psychedelic ones. Kathryn proved…

  3. Installing Tincture

    04 Sep 2017
    Tincture is up! Tincture is a group show, bringing painters Carol Bivins, Jona Lou Batt, Roe Libretto and myself together in one space to find connections between our work we’d imagined, but hadn’t yet seen. The Winning Coffee gallery is full, but not crowded, with big thanks to Roe and…

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