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  1. The Electric Desert has died. Long live the Electric Desert!

    29 Apr 2020

    The Electric Desert as a super lo-fi collection of free and reclaimed materials is no more. What began as a vision/whim during “the Good Life” at Tortuga Gallery, summer 2018, went through NINE iterations in a variety of Albuquerque venues, and connected with hundreds of kids and grownups. Thank you…

  2. In Process: Electric Desert 2.0

    22 Aug 2018

    Coming soon: The Electric Desert 2.0, at Harwood’s Open Studios, Friday 9/7 6-8pm at the Harwood Art Center, 7th & Mountain in Albuquerque. The Desert will pop up again The first iteration of “The Electric Desert” happened a couple of weeks ago as a pop-up installation within Tortuga Gallery’s group…

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