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  1. Installing Tincture

    04 Sep 2017

    Tincture is up! Tincture is a group show, bringing painters Carol Bivins, Jona Lou Batt, Roe Libretto and myself together in one space to find connections between our work we’d imagined, but hadn’t yet seen. The Winning Coffee gallery is full, but not crowded, with big thanks to Roe and…

  2. O Fortuna

    04 Jan 2017

    As it happened, Fortune smiled upon me this week, and I snapped out of my puzzlebox madness I remembered a lesson I learned through the remodel of a house I undertook back in 2005-2006: I can’t do everything. Professionals do most things better than me. In this case, specifically, construction…

  3. State of the Art: Year’s End, 2015

    14 Oct 2015

    STATE OF THE ART: VISION I make art that connects us to place. To shared heritage. To our bodies, to our present moment, and to our practices of contemplation and community. My work is centered in an extension of contemplative practice. I call it “creative practice.” I draw inspiration from…

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