The Good Life: Extended Nature

Opening August 3, 2018, 5-8pm
Tortuga Gallery, 901 Edith Street SE, Abq NM 87102
“Electric Desert” installation and dance party
Saturday 8/11/18 5-8pm at Tortuga

From Tortuga:
“Three local artists have come together for this show: Andrew Fearnside, Hilda Kirschner & Derrick Montez. Three local artists come together for this show: Andrew Fearnside, Hilda Kirschner & Derrick Montez. The title came about when the artists sat down to find a common focus for this show. Andrew’s focus for this show is an intimate look at plants, particularly succulents. Hilda has create a group of prints inspired by nature. Derrick has an eye on nature and the human interaction. For more about this show, and Tortuga’s upcoming projects, visit:”

Poetry event at the opening!

Five of Albuquerque’s top notch poets are coming together to share their relationship with the works in the show through the experience of poetry.  Michelle Otero, (Albuquerque’s new poet laureate) Don McIver, Tanesia Hale-Jones, Scott Wiggerman and Liza Wolff-Francis will present poetry inspired by the art at the opening on August 3rd.  

* * * * *

At long last, production is complete on my work for The Good Life: Extended Nature. I join the rivers of social media users in feeling wonder, affection and love for the myriad forms succulents take on our planet. Deep dives into #succulentlove on Instagram and Pinterest over the past few years led me to bring some into my home and studio (thanks, Rehms Nursery, for your big collection). But as an artist, I’ve been reflecting on the subterranean meanings behind this trend, even as I luxuriate in it. Succulents survive harsh, dry climates, such as the New Mexican high desert, by adapting to drought and heat.

Might our fascination with the cuteness of tiny, spiky desert plants reflect our concerns about climate change? 

Join the gaggle of artists and poets gathered for this opening to enjoy saturated color, crazy textures, and a maelstrom of conversation about everything that we Extend into Nature these days.

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Electric Desert: a pop-up live art event at Tortuga Gallery

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