Unlocks, or: Psycho-Tetris

I’m stunned again and again by the way my little brain works. I think I’m rational, but progress seems to come from interior interactions so complex they’re just baffling. Like a game of Tetris, in the dark. Inspirations, ideas, setbacks seem to fall through the mist of my daily life until it feels like I’m carrying a sack full of rocks around, clunking about inside my heart. There’s some part of my that’s playing Tetris with them, however, feeling around in the dark for ways these thoughts and feelings go together. And that’s good, because once in a great while, when that one last piece arrives, SHAZAM! The blocks connect, and PING! they’re gone.

That’s what happened this week. My inner psycho-Tetris hit a PING, and things are flowing fast and furious.

Example: I just plunked down a sum that makes me nervous on a pile of panels by Bruce Loyd. A bigger pile than ever I’ve seen before, in fact. In a month, I’ll have 10 12x12s, 10 new 16x16s, 15 30x30s and 15 30x40s. These represent my commitment to two major and two minor bodies of work that will carry me through 2017 and into 2018, which I’ll talk about in a moment and in future posts. With these panels I’m taking responsibility for my dreams and passions and stepping deeper into my practice. And these panels represent a wide open field for the kinds of play, flow and growth I love with abandon. 

To accomodate this huge influx of panels, I’m going to have to do another round of infrastructure management. Time to commit some ducats to the ongoing transformation of closet into storage rack in my studio. 


Lemme talk to myself here… “To accommodate this storage rack project, I’m going to have to shift a ton of moribund art and materials out of the current space. As I offload things that don’t serve my work, I’ll unlock more focus, more energy, more possibility. More play.”



Studio F-Art’s former closet turned painting storage system. The skeleton’s there; now for more shelves…

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