Yak Map: The Fool Round Two

Yak Map: Fool, sharpie on copy paper, March 14 2017

The Worship Arts Committee met this past Tuesday, and over a delicious potluck shared our explorations of the Fool as an archetype and a cultural phenomenon. The Yak Map here captures brief illustrations of many of the ideas discussed–for example, a saying from Proverbs 26: “ You have to whip a horse, you have to put a bridle on a mule, and you have to beat a fool.”

Arne Gulerud and I will be building two 2D animatronic Fools this weekend and next. Other members of the committee are developing song, improv and costuming for the April 2nd service, which is shaping up to be chaotic and hilarious. 

The Yak Map process is proving itself. I find myself entering a flow state as I move into conversation, find nuggets of energy, and then move through a quick cartoon; sliding back and forth between two rivers, I get to practice the imaginative process of connecting image and words in a light-hearted, low-risk way that ends up accumulating into an interesting space. My conversation partners seem to put up with what looks like wandering attention, and at the end, report that they like the results. There’s more of them to come.

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