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a mural for Los Alamos Main Street Creative District
14’ x 39’
Central Park Square shopping complex, downtown Los Alamos, NM
funded by Los Alamos MainStreet with support by Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation

Los Alamos is an unusual place in our unusual state –- it has no mayor and it county is tiny; and yet its per capita income is $86k, almost double that of its more famous neighbors in Santa Fe County. It has been a home to engineers and scientists from around the world since the Los Alamos Labs were founded; yet it is a uniquely local place, surrounded on all sides by the intense beauty of the Northern New Mexico landscape it inhabits. 

“Desert Hare’s Leap” was commissioned as the first in a series of similar projects around Downtown. As a proof of concept, folks could witness a successful example of creative placemaking, and begin to dream about what comes next. I was thrilled to work with a Main Street organization for the first time, as I share values with its mission and with the amazing creatives who work there. I look forward to more projects with Main Street organizations around the state and the region.

Thanks to LAMS Executive Director Jacquelyn Connolly for the opportunity, project management and hands-on painting; to her Graphic Designer, Vai Reddy-Kruse, for her focus and skill in painting sticks, bushes and more; and to Youth Artist Blue for making sense of my rocks.

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