About the Artist

Andrew Fearnside is a New Mexico painter guided by ongoing interests in psychology, social justice, pop culture and spiritual life. After completing a BFA in painting and drawing at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in his native Boston, he made paintings and performances and found work as a designer, dancer, teacher and psychotherapist. In Albuquerque, he has shown at Tortuga Gallery, the Open Space Visitor Center, and Page Coleman Gallery. He is currently represented by Ghostwolf Gallery. He has been juried into group shows in Denver and the Houston area, and has won awards for his work. He has had solo shows at Zendo, Winning Coffee, and the Erna Ferguson Library in Albuquerque. 

What I Do

I make images and immersive experiences that use texture and color to explore relationships: shape and edges, harmony and disharmony, novelty and stability. My images arise from a drawing-based form-making language involving photography, layer-building and visual friction. I often focus on portraits, and thus on stepping into the mysteries of the psychological world. I owe much to artists of the Expressionist lineage, from Kokoschka to Neel; like them, I value the irrational and the absurd, play and intuition as modes of thinking and research, and paradox and complexity over the obvious answers. I make art to understand. I make art to ask questions.

Using Format