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illustrated publication

published by Chimera Projects

funded by Kickstarter

O! Relentless Death! Celebrity, Loss and Mourning is a collaborative book published by myself and my sister, artist Lee Fearnside. Together, we gathered and edited the brief memoirs written by 23 writers from across the nation in response to the deaths of celebrities like Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Gwen Ifill. Each essay is accompanied by a linocut illustration. The book won two awards within the independent publishing industry, including a rare Gold Medal from the Independent Publisher’s Association. 


From the introduction:


“2016 sucked for America. When David Bowie died on January 8, it was a shock. Other heroes died around then, too—Alan Rickman, Umberto Eco. But when Prince died on April 21, things started to get ominous. Right around then we started to realize that Donald Trump wasn’t going away. As the latter half of 2016 unfolded, we felt like celebrities died at an increasing rate while the country lost its mind. 

O! Relentless Death: Celebrities, Loss and Mourning” is a series of linoleum block prints by sibling artists Andrew and Lee Fearnside paired with personal narratives by 23 writers from around the country. By opening up to our loss and the grief of others, we’re inviting you to truly mourn these celebrities and the state of our nation.”

Learn more at our publishing imprint, Chimera Projects:

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