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a mural for The Burger Stand restaurant

11' x 28'

@1916 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque

Funded by private commission

“Pricklies and Crawlies” was commissioned by a local restaurant, The Burger Stand, located on Central and University. The owner loves insects of all kinds and asked that they be incorporated into a Southwestern-themed mural. I used images of local insect life, such as the black widow spider, the scorpion, and the Monarch butterfly, which stops over in Albuquerque during its long migration. The building’s many windows created its own compositional challenges, which I solved by allowing some elements to overrun their glass borders, while other elements are framed by them. The project’s first phase consists of two walls, each 11’ x 14’. The second phase will occupy a wall 16’ x 60’, wrapping much of the building's exterior.

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