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I make murals because I love to design and paint, but also because mural production brings my creative life into the public sphere. I'm excited by the problems of working large: engaging assistants, budgeting, managing project flow, using lifts and other industrial tools, all in the service of big dreams. While painting in public, I’m open to the magic of human interaction. But I'm also deep in the visual practice I’ve developed through years of studio experimentation.

As a muralist, I make work that serves the public square. I strive to make murals that activate a space of creative, pro-social, and political discourse. Murals bring fine and commercial art traditions together, and partake in a global visual culture. Murals are a vital part of resistance movements down the decades. Whether I’m painting free birds, high-flying athletes, or broad-minded revolutionaries, my work is a way to reclaim public spaces from white supremacy culture, putting images forward that inspire, honor, and delight.

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