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a temporary public art installation

@SOMOS Festival, Albuquerque

Funded by SOMOS and the City of Albuquerque

This iteration of the Electric Desert was designed specifically for an outdoor art and music festival in downtown Albuquerque. It is made up of four large "guilds," or collections of cardboard flora -- a tall pinon tree, a group of yucca- and agave-like seed stalks, and a cluster of red nopales -- with a small magical hut, benches for parents and two smaller "guilds." Overhead, seven tiny computer-driven AI programs sing to one another in the tones of synthesizers from the early '80s. Families are invited to play within the environment, to add to its make-believe "river" with sidewalk chalk while immersed in the world of the Desert.

photo credit: Kris Hardin

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